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The Spirit of Sustainability.

Go Green Vietnam

The story of BINCA Vietnam began in 1995, following the founding of BINCA Seafoods GmbH in Germany, by Markus Ballauf and Peter Niedermeier. Right from the start, it was of the utmost importance to both of BINCA Seafoods founders to remain committed to the sustainable economic utilization of the Seafood resource.

BINCA has been active in Vietnam since 1998. The country and its people became like a second home to the two Germans founders. Vietnam was also the start of their experience with organic aquaculture. Their first aquaculture achievement was celebrated with the successful farming of organic Pangasius. In 2005, BINCA established the BINCA Organic Farm, the world's first organic Pangasius farm. Many further partnerships with organic farms for aquaculture and agriculture have been cultivated since then.

Today, BINCA Vietnam has become an organic hub with over 20 years of experience in the development and production of organic products. The company invests in its own quality management to deliver the best possible quality, "from the farm to the consumer's fork". Feed production for livestock, and consulting for conversion from conventional to organic farming, complements the scope of what BINCA has to offer.

We are certain that the organic movement in Vietnam has a bright future and will result in many benefits for the country, its people, and the environment.

Organic Hub for Asia Pacific.

Binca Organic for Asia Pacific

Our production in Vietnam supplies markets within the Asia Pacific region. Our organic products, from aquaculture and agriculture, are certified according to a variety of organic labels. Additionally, we offer our customers wild-caught MSC certified and farmed ASC certified sustainable seafood products as well.

Our main customer base includes hotels, restaurants, catering companies, retailers, wholesalers, as well as retail chains and shops that focus on organic products.

Our product groups include both fresh and frozen foods (e.g., fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood). Furthermore, we also offer a variety of other grocery products such as baby foods, oils, snacks, noodles, drinks, etc.

We also have Non-Food products in our assortment. Especially, a broad product range of organic cosmetics.

Organic Consumer Products.

Binca organics for you and your family

Organic Food contains the best nutrition for today’s modern family. Binca organics stands for delicious organic products that consumers can trust.

There are many good reasons to eat organic foods. Organic foods are safe, healthy and clean. These products are GMO-free, which means that they contain no genetically modified organisms. They are also free from pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. Furthermore, no artificial fertilizers are used in their production. This is also very important because every day we breathe in harmful substances from the pollution in the air of our cities, and we drink and cook with chemically treated water in our homes. Organic products contribute to a healthier environment, protecting the air we breathe, the water we drink, and soil in which our food grows. Animal protection is also of concern for some consumers. Organic food production not only focuses on protecting the environment, but the animals as well. On the other hand, many consumers just agree that organic products simply taste better. So, whatever your reasons are for choosing organic foods, you can enjoy these products in good conscience knowing that they are doing something good for you too.

One of our brands: AquaNatur organic seafood

AquaNatur offers certified products from organic aquaculture. Our products fulfill the highest standards of organic farming. The AquaNatur brand is for consumers who demand safe and healthy products with total traceability from the farm to the fork.

You can recognize organic products by their certifications. Our products are certified by EU Bio and Naturland. Organic products are safe, healthy and delicious. Furthermore, they contribute to a clean environment and animal protection.

EU Bio and Naturland are two high-level organic certifications for your safety. EU Bio is the organic standard of the European Union, and Naturland is an internationally recognized German organic certification with very strict standards for the best organic products.

EU Bio and Naturland

After harvesting and processing, the organic products are immediately individually quick frozen (IQF). This ensures:

  • PEAK QUALITY: as fresh and delicious as fresh foods
  • HEALTHY: preserved with all of their vitamins and minerals
  • SAFE: freezing suspends microbial and fungal activity in the food

Quality Management.

Controlled Quality from Farm to Fork

Our quality management in Vietnam represents of over 20 years of experience. Our quality control procedures are applied throughout the whole value chain, starting with the selection of farms and suppliers, and continuing through the entire manufacturing process, including packaging and delivery. This is how we guarantee the controlled quality of our products from farm to fork.

We also offer our quality management as a service for other companies:

  • Farm Audits
  • Factory Audits
  • Continuous supervision of production
  • Selection of reliable on site laboratories
  • Extended sample retaining, until end of shelf life
  • Sampling and sample courier services for external lab analysis
  • Laboratory analyses prior to shipment
  • Product inspection prior to shipment
  • Documentation
  • Customer online access to all project info and documentation

On Tour.

Binca Vietnam on Tour

The BINCA Vietnam team is on the road for its customers throughout the year. We are always on the lookout for new ideas, products, and contacts. In 2017 we visited many exciting places. We would like to share a few of our impressions with you, through the picture gallery below.

Farm Tours

In 2017, like every year, accompanied by many of our customers we toured our farms and processing factories in Vietnam. For our customers, as well as ourselves, it is always a great experience. Often times our journey to the south of Vietnam leads us to Cà Mau, to the Seanamico farms, a cooperative of small-scale farmers that produce certified organic shrimp for us. Without a doubt, one of the main highlights for everyone along for the journey is the shrimp harvest and dining with farmers and their families while enjoying the fruits of the harvest.

Farm Audits

Our farms are regularly audited. In 2017, again our BINCA Organic Farm was tested and passed with flying colors. On the BINCA Organic Farm, we breed Pangasius in organic quality. The audit by Control Union is performed in accordance with Naturland guidelines. The audit inspects the entire production chain, which includes the farm, transport to the Hai San factory, and the processing factory as well.

Hotel Workshops

We spend a lot of our time on tour giving workshops on sustainability. We would like to invite as many people as possible to reform the food supply chain into a more transparent, respectful, modern and sustainable system that supplies the consumer market with honest and healthy products. This goal is one of the core missions of our company. Among our sustainability workshops in 2017, was our seminar for the Ho Chi Minh City Park Hyatt Hotel in Vietnam, and at the Langham Hospitality Group in Hong Kong. These workshops are conducted by our Asia Pacific director, Kelvin Ng. Our new colleagues, Anh Le and Doan Huynh, were also in attendance at the Ho Chi Minh City workshop for the first time.

Livestock Feed.

We feed your livestock

The first livestock feed that we developed was an organic fish feed for our own organic Pangasius.

As both farmer and producer, we know that livestock feed plays a significant role in the food chain. It has a serious impact on animal health and farm yields, as well as product quality and consumer safety.

We supply a variety of livestock feeds in organic quality, as well as feeds specially adapted to the specific needs of our customers. We also offer our customers the associated technical support.

Becoming an Organic Farmer.

We support farmers converting their farms from conventional to organic

Consumers increasingly demand clean and healthy foods, which have been produced according to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible methods. This opens up and creates new attractive market opportunities for organic farmers.

We offer support to farmers in Vietnam, who want to convert from conventional to organic farming. On average, such a conversion takes approximately a year to achieve.

  • We check if the farm can be converted to organic
  • We explain the basic essentials of various organic standards to the farmers
  • We perform a farm risk assessment
  • We find solutions to replace the previous conventional procedures with new organic procedures
  • We implement a system with full product traceability
  • We support the farmers to successfully pass their audits

Our Company. Our Team.

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Doan Huynh

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